Atonement Lutheran Church
Documents and Forms available for download.
(Were still adding files here. Some files will be available for a certain time
in relationship to specific events. Check back for updates)

The Constitution and Bylaws of Atonement Lutheran Church
This is the governing document of ALC. The fundamental principles and established precedents that must be maintained
by ALC and the church council.

The History of Atonement Lutheran Church
This document highlights the history of Atonement Lutheran Church from the initial beginnings as a mission,
up to recent events and milestones.

2017 Summer Day Camp Child Sign Up Sheet
Our 2017 Kids day camp dates are July 24th through July 28 from 9:00 4:00 p.m. @ ALC.
If you have a child who would like to attend, submit this form to Julie Kaufmann or to the church office.

2017 Summer Day Camp Sponsor Form
If you would like to sponspor a child to attend our 2017 daycamp, submit this form to Julie Kaufmann or to the church office.

Church Expense Reimbursment Claim Form
Use this form to be reimbursed for purchases made for budgeted expenses made on the behalf of ALC

Simply Giving Enrollment Form
Simply Giving is automated stewardship program offered through Thrivent Federal Credit Union. More information
on the program is available here. You can print and fill out this form if you wish use the Simply Giving progam.
Of course since the completed form contains your banking information, please bring it to the church in person and give to either
the church finance secretary (Howard Gayheart), the church treasurer (Carol Rothgeb), or the office manager (Kay Edwards).

Sean Bartell Memorial Scholarship Application Forms
Sean Bartell was a well liked 16 year old junior at the time of his passing on Dec. 31, 2014. Ranked 5th in his class and planning to
attend Vanderbuilt University. It is with both sadness and joy that Atonement Lutheran Church, in parternership with the Bartell Family,
will be awarding a $1000 scholarship to a graduating senior in 2016 at each of the following schools: Wesley Chapel High School,
Wiregrass Ranch High School, and Zephyrhills High School. The applications are available for download for each school below
and provide more information.

    2017 Wesley Chapel High School application
    2017 Wiregrass Ranch High School application
    2017 Zephyrhills High School application

RETURN TO FREEDOM: faith worth fighting for -- a study of the six chapters of Galatians
Galatians is one of the most important documents for understanding salvation. Luther’s commentary on this letter is considered one of
the all-time classics of Christian writing. Galatians is by turns personal, deep, lively, shocking, confusing, and inspiring. Though meant
for group study, these short sessions can also be used for personal illumination, reflection, and prayer upon the text.